How to Build a SkinCeuticals Regimen for Your Age

Skin Care in Your Teens

During puberty, shifting hormones can result in increased production of sebum, which often leads to acne. This is why cleansing with an appropriate cleanser is key to removing excess oil and keeping blemishes at bay. For existing acne, use an acne spot treatment on affected areas to reduce inflammation and avoid potential scarring, which could remain visible on skin years after acne has resolved. It’s also important to protect your skin from the sun because this is the time when you get the most sun exposure. Severe sunburn before the age of 18 also increases your risk of having skin cancer in the future. Since skin is oilier and more prone to breakouts during puberty, opt for an oil-free sunscreen.

Skin Care in Your 20s

Although moisturizers with anti-aging benefits are not necessary in your 20s, it’s important to keep your skin properly hydrated and moisturized at this age, so a good moisturizer is a must even if you have oily skin. Aside from religiously using your sunscreen, it’s also a good idea to start introducing your skin to antioxidants, which can help protect your skin from the sun and prevent premature signs of age. As acne might still be a concern from time to time, keep a spot treatment on hand.

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